The company

Our history

1969 – Argithea, Agrasa

Agrafa, uncharted territory, deep inland, cut off from the rest of the world in the mountains.

Coming from a family of stockbreeders, from the village of Petrochori in Agrafa at an altitude of 1.060m, where the main occupation of the residents was sheep breeding and a key part of their diet was the cheese they made for their families, Lambros Kissas founded in the village of Stefaniada in the center of Agrafon, the stone-built, handmade cheese factory.

The cheese factory operated without electricity, where production was based exclusively on manual labor and the processing of milk takes place in cauldrons heated by wood fires.
This is where the barrel-aged Feta PDO Kissas is originally produced.

1984 – Mouzaki

The ever-increasing demand for the barrel-aged Feta Argithea of Agrafon Kissas, led to the first step of moving the cheese factory to Mouzaki, Karditsa.

The town of Mouzaki is an important commercial and administrative center of the wider mountainous main area, a passage for the villages of Argithea.

It has a strategic position both in terms of milk collection (mountainous and lowland areas), but also access to the commercial points, shops and markets that exist in Mouzaki and neighboring cities of Thessaly.

2005 – Present

In 2005, the business was completed in its current form in Mouzaki.

It is characteristic that despite the technological development of the company, the human factor plays a central role in the production process.

The distribution network covers more than 200 points of sale in Greece, mainly in Thessaly.

Exports are made mainly to EU countries.

What distinguishes us!

The milk

The raw materials (sheep’s, goat’s milk) come from the wider area of Agrafa and Mouzaki, mainly from small nomadic herds but also small local farms.

Grazing in natural, mountainous and semi-mountainous pastures and meadows rich in flora, imparts aromas to the milk and makes it richer in proteins, contributing significantly to the quality of the organoleptic characteristics of the final product.

50+ years of experience

For more than 50 years, the Kissas family has been producing with love and expertise the well-known barrel-aged Feta PDO Kissas.

Barrel cheese is traditionally matured in wooden barrels, ensuring the necessary oxygenation during the maturation process and acquiring the characteristic aroma and slightly spicy aftertaste.

Before sealing, brine is placed inside the barrels to preserve the cheese and give it the characteristic saltiness.

Pleasantly acidic, rich in aroma, with a variety of flavors and a firm texture, the barrel cheese continues to develop flavors over time.