Year 1969, founded by Kissas Lambros, the first creamery is being created in the mountain area of Argithea, in the village Stefaniada.

Without the availability of electrical power, production is based exclusively on manual labor and milk processing is done in vats heated by wood fire

In 1973 the creamery is transferred to Petrochori.

The constantly increasing demand of Feta Argithea Agrafon led to the transfer of the creamery in Mouzaki of Karditsa 1984 and 2005 to the creation of the company in its current form.

Kissas Company
Εταιρία ΚΙΣΣΑΣ


The industry now operates in a private area of 15.000m2 in modern facilities, with the capacity to process 20 tons of milk a day.

The company aims to evolve technologically, but always in combination with loyalty to tradition and love for the world of cheese and dairy.

Human resources

The company’s employees are constantly trained and informed on developments in the dairy sector, thus maintaining a high level of production.

Quality assurance

The Kissas Company has control system for the products, which constantly upgrades, focusing on the production of quality and safe products (ISO 22000)



Bronze medal

International Contest of Cheeses and Dairy Products - MONDIAL DU FROMAGES – FRANCE 2015

World cheese awards-gold

Gold medal

World Cheese Awards – LONDON 2015-16

for Feta Cheese PDO aged in wooden barrel.

Κίσσας Βιομηχανία Γάλακτος